H2O+ Brilliance. Introducing Boosters. Be smart, get instant results. H2O+ Brilliance. Introducing Boosters. Be smart, get instant results.

What is a booster?

Dry, dull, or tired skin? If your skin needs a boost, check out the NEW H2O+ Beauty Boosters. Containing beads of concentrated active ingredients, they provide an immediate, visible enhancement of hydration, radiance, or smoothness.

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How it works

Customize according to your daily needs by adding 2-3 drops of a Booster to your favorite H2O+ Beauty Serum or Moisturizer. Mix together with your finger in your palm to break the beads and activate the concentrated ingredients. Use anytime your skin needs an extra boost, morning or night


Pick a booster

What does your skin need most today? Choose an instant effect.

+ hydrating Oasis

Dry Skin?

Perfect for thirsty skin that's had a little too much fun in the sun (or snow) lately!

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Encapsulated Vitamin A & E beads known to help moisturize and condition skin

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Sodium Hyaluronate provides immediate and long-term skin hydration

+ brightening Waterbright

Dull Skin?

Reach for me when you've lost that glowing feeling and your skin lacks its luster.

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Encapsulated beads containing Cucumber and Lemon extracts helps instantly brighten the complexion and evens skin tone

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Pomelo extract known for being rich in Vitamin C which can help brighten skin

+ anti-aging Infinity+

Tired Skin?

Late nights and early meetings don't mix well. This is the pick-me-up you've been waiting for.

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Encapsulated beads containing Co-Enzyme Q-10 an anti-oxidant to help fight signs of aging

Grain icon

Oat Kernel Extract & Hyaluronic Acid blend which helps visibly reduce wrinkles and immediately improve the smoothness and appearance of skin


Choose a moisturizer or serum

What are your long-term skin concerns? Choose a necessary staple of your daily routine.


Protect + Defend




Plus it up

Add your booster to your moisturizer or serum and apply as usual.

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See it in action

*Use code PLUSITUP to take 20% off any purchase of any one (1) Oasis, Waterbright, or Infinity + Booster and any one (1) H2O+ Moisturizers or Serum. Offer valid through 11/30/17 at 11:59pm PT. Cannot be applied retroactively. Valid exclusively at h2oplus.com while supplies last.